Some quick sketches;;

Heres Mao from Taiyou no Ie

#mao #manga #sketch #mine

Was reading manga and seeing good artworks. I kinda got pissed and heres the outcome of a ten minute sketch of the bit— of kim jaejoong. I swear guys. My camera isnt giving any justice because it looks better in person t.t but oh well what can i expect from a quick sketch? This. Hi ;) #sketch #mine #jaejoong #mirotic #tvxq #fanart ? @bornfreeonekiss2

Roughly 10 minute sketch of my line avatar!!!! #lineplay #line #drawing #mine #avatar

I’m leaving the boring day behind and going anywhere where my mind can follow the flowing wind that blows in landscapes that look like heaven, just like in the movies;
I’m leaving to go to that ridiculously beautiful world

Journey - TVXQ! Feat Seohyun

I hate it when Junsu’s dancing (..sexily) and he’s biting his lower lip.

That moment when you are so tired of putting up with the same issue over and over again that you stopped caring about what the outcome would be. But you inwardly hope for it to fucking end so that all the struggles and fights between the fandom would end. That moment where you just wanted to give up your support for JYJ not because of them but because of some of their stans and you run to HoMin but in the end of the day, it was always the five of them. At the end of the day there are your fellow OT5 who pulls you back to where you started and plant your feet on that ground. The ground where DBSK is. That’s being faithful - no matter how hard you try to divert yourself to other fandom in the end it’s always the five of them, it’s always Dong Bang Shin Ki, it’s always Cassiopeia.I love you all <3